• Image of Astronauts of SoHo
  • Image of Astronauts of SoHo

Astronauts of SoHo


To most New Yorkers, they're just water towers, but the dreamers see potential for more cosmic, romantic opportunities. A tee inspired by all the dreamers and those who encourage them to think out of this world! Bon voyage!

This tee is designed by the supremely talented illustrator Laura Barnard.


Printed on 100% Cotton, Silver AA 2001/02


  • Small Silver Guys Tee - 80% in stock
  • Medium Silver Guys Tee - 62% in stock
  • Large Silver Guys Tee - 57% in stock
  • X-Large Silver Guys Tee - 67% in stock
  • Small Silver Girls Tee - 75% in stock
  • Medium Silver Girls Tee - 75% in stock
  • Large Silver Girls Tee - 64% in stock
  • X-Large Silver Girls Tee - 0% in stock
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